PAYjr: Online Chore & Allowance System

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PAYjr is an online chore and allowance system for tracking kids' chores and rewarding them with an allowance for completing the assigned tasks. The system lets parents set up chores on a one-time, weekly, or monthly basis. When a chore has been assigned, the child receives an email with the chore description and amount. As items are completed, the child logs on and checks off the completed chores on the online calendar. The parents are notified via email and they can then make a payment or request the chore to be redone.  Parents can make payments in cash, or, for children over 13, a Visa Buxx card can be integrated into the PAYjr system. The system also offers a printable calendar for each child showing their assigned chores. Parents love this quick and convenient way to track chores and allowances while teaching their children about the values of hard work. The kids enjoy the high tech way of tracking how much money they've made. Best of all, using the system is completely free of charge.

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