PageRage Dresses Up Your Facebook Profile

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I’m not sure why you would want this, but a new app called PageRage will let dress up your Facebook profile so it looks more like a profile found on MySpace instead. (Yikes!) That’s too bad because one of the nicest things about Facebook is it’s clean and simple look and feel, without the busy backgrounds and image-heavy designs that are so prevalent throughout MySpace.

With the new Facebook app PageRage, you now can customize your Facebook profile with new themes that change both the background and the color schemes of your Facebook profile page. Some of these themes are basic, solid backgrounds, but others are quite busy.

Before you freak out and think this is the end for Facebook, take comfort in the fact that you can only see the new themed profiles if you have the PageRage application installed yourself. If you don’t want to see themes, just don’t install it.

The app works via a browser plugin which uses something called Yontoo Layers. Yontoo Layers create a virtual layer over your browser window. I’m not sure entirely how that all works, but it sounds a lot like what the Firefox extension Stylish offers.

I know. Facebook themes, ick. I definitely won’t be…oh wait…is that a pink one? Awesome. 

The Discussion

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    Nikita Polyakov

    Watch the app and terms, this needs you to install some plugin by their parent company...not looking very credible.
    I did find a cool layout I wanted to get...*blush*

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    Eriq Cook

    Imagine viewing someone's facebook profile, then being prompted to install an unknown piece of software to view "new features" and be forced to restart your computer in the process. Not only is that time consuming but disrupting. I think it's silly.

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    Pagerage Fan

    I love this application ... it rocks !!
    read more about it here

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