Paglo and Spiceworks: Web Apps for I.T.

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Paglo, now out of private beta, is a search engine for I.T. To use the app, an admin downloads it to a machine on the corporate network, and then it will begin collecting information on the I.T. infrastructure. Paglo uses common protocols like SNMP to pull information from computers, servers, switches, routers, and network printers. That information can then be made available to any authorized user as dashboards – which are customized displays showing information like CPU use, disk space, etc. In addition, Paglo lets you do inventory management, network management, software audits, as well as network searches. Because Paglo is open source, any organization can use it an extend it as they see fit. For more details on Paglo, the AppScout blog has a really thorough review you should read if you’re interested in this type of thing. I never had the opportunity to try Paglo when I was in I.T., but it looks like it does a great job.

Another web app for SMB I.T. admins that I did try was Spiceworks. Since the time I used it, it has gone through several upgrades and it keeps becoming more and more useful. The latest version, Spiceworks 3.0 now offers Active Directory integration, so your computer groups will copy over to the application, instead of you having to re-create them there. There’s also a new feature that lets you monitor the health of your Exchange Server. You can browse through your software, devices, and groups in cover-flow style, schedule automatic backups, keep tabs on windows events, and fully customize your help desk portal. And those are just some of the new features! In addition, the software also does inventory management, auditing, reporting, and provides a help desk.

Both software programs – OK, they have web interfaces, but they are installable software – are great ways for the overburdened I.T. departments to keep track of network inventory and management without the need for physical or manual reviews of the devices. Even better, they’re both free!

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