Perfect COD4 paintball spot

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The former Larson Air Force base in Washington State is going to start renting itself out for $495/month. This fee gives you a floor in the equipment terminal building. Or for $1500/month you can get a 160 feet tall missile silo with 150 ton silo doors in the ceiling. The base also has around 47,000 sq. ft. of underground tunnels, including some rooms that are 155 feet tall! Doesn't this sound like the perfect place for some airsoft/paintball battles? The base belongs to Bari Hotchkiss, a real estate entrepreneur based in Southern California. Hotchkiss has had the land for years after he got it from the two guys who bought the base in the 1970s when the government first shut it down. He used to use it as a summer retreat for his family. "The kids liked to launch rockets off the top of the missile silos," said Hotchkiss. GAME ON! (via fashionfunky and Discovery Channel)

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