PhotoJoy Lets You Do More with Your Photos

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If you have a large collection of photos and yet never seem to do anything much with them beyond uploading them to an online photo archive like Windows Live Photos or Flickr, you’re definitely going to want to check out PhotoJoy. With this service, you can turn your photos into 3D screensavers, wallpaper collages, and even something they call “PhotoToys,” which are basically desktop widgets that display your photos in new and fun ways.

Using the PhotoJoy application, you can import photos from your computer, your Flickr account, or from PhotoJoy’s own online gallery of professional images. You can then transform them into screensavers, collages, or widgets. These widgets, or PhotoToys, can display your photos as cubes, magazines, mobiles, shuffles, and more.

If you choose the option to import your photos from Flickr, you’ll also want to enable the web streaming feature, too, as this will automatically update your PhotoJoy creations with new images as they become available online.

The PhotoJoy application is available as a free download and is spyware and adware free.

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