Photographer Thomas Hawk Visits Media Center Team

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Ian Dixon reports that the Media Center Team recently received a visit from the well-known photographer Thomas Hawk. He took a tour of the offices and snapped some pictures which are now available on Flickr. He also had some nice things to say about the working environment:

First, I was surprised what a relaxed environment they all work in. For some reason I'd always pictured people working for Microsoft wearing business casual polo shirts and Levi's Dockers behind desks that all looked pretty much the same. Each person on the team had their own workspace and each had it pretty much set up however they wanted. Couches, futons, very cool music space set ups that looked more like a DJ stand than corporate offices. And while I didn't see any dogs or Foosball tables, the set up reminded me a lot more of a Silicon Valley start up than the corporate behemoth that is Microsoft.

Thomas also said that he’s been a big fan of Media Center – in fact, it was his very first photo he ever posted to Flickr. He really heaps on the praise saying that Media Center “represents the very best home entertainment system available on the market today and sits head and shoulders above AppleTV, TiVo and other home media platforms.”

Wow, thanks Thomas!

You can see all the photos from his visit here. (Including the one that accompanies this post!)

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