Poker Smash on Xbox Live Arcade

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I'll admit it: I'm a casual gamer. While I like watching others play the long, intense Xbox games, when I need a break, I'd rather spent 10 minutes with Bejeweled than getting wrapped up in a saga. So I'm excited for this new Xbox Live Arcade game called "Poker Smash" which has just arrived. The game, essentially a match-3 style puzzle game, may not sound like anything special at first, but wait until you see its stunning HD graphics! Talk about nice visuals! Poker Smash also offers single and multiplayer modes in several different formats, including Action mode, Puzzle Mode, Custom Playlist Mode, Practice Mode, Split Screen Head-to-Head Mode, and even Multiplayer Tournament Mode. There are features like super slow motion and card blasting bombs that make this fast-paced game really fly.


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