Portable Windows Movie Maker

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-UPDATE- A number of people are reporting their antivirus software alerting them to a possible infection when installing this app. The author of the app mentions on a forum post here that "[the installer is] packed with UPX exe compressor. Unfortunately most virus "people" use it to pack their stuff too. So ur antivirus panicked when it saw the same packer". 
If we get confirmation that the installer genuinely has been compromised we will update the post and remove the links. For now use caution and make sure you investigate fully any potential infection on your machine. -UPDATE-

Remember when we told you how you could get the old Windows Movie Maker back? It seems that the newest Windows Live Movie Maker removed a few features people loved in an effort to simplify the product. But for those of you who preferred the more advanced version – it’s still out there

Now one developer has taken the old Movie Maker a step further – he’s created a portable version of the program based on Windows Movie Maker 2.1. The new app, called simply Portable Windows Movie Maker, works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. And yes, since it’s portable, you can carry it with you on a USB flash drive or you can just run it from the hard drive without having to install it first.

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