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Remember when we told you about the Twitter Tools for PowerPoint created by SAP? This handy toolset which originally included a Twitter ticker bar, a feedback slide, and a voting slide has now been updated to include more tools and features. In the latest release, posted on SAP’s Web 2.0 blog, there are now tools for auto-tweeting, an additional feedback slide, an option for secure internal use, a text-zooming tool, and the ability to set up custom values in advance.

Probably the most exciting of the updates is the new auto-tweeting functionality which turns your PowerPoint slideshow into a dynamic Twitter application. With this tool, you can update your Twitter status during your presentation without any effort on your part. Any text in your note pages in between special tags - [twitter] and [/twitter] – will automatically be tweeted when you reach that particular slide. What a clever way of tweeting your presentation while also delivering it live! I can just see this becoming a standard for conference speakers everywhere.

The new feedback slide is a variation on the original, but this one shows twice as many tweets as before:

twitter powerpoint feedback slide

The internal tool lets you forgo Twitter in favor of a private microblogging platform instead like Status.net, a service meant for internal company use only.

The zoom text tool actually doesn’t integrate with Twitter, but provides a nice visualization of floating words across the screen. Meanwhile, the support for predefined values lets PowerPoint users set up templates for others to use.

All these tools are available for download for free from the main download page here: http://www.sapweb20.com/blog/powerpoint-twitter-tools/

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