Project Dakota

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Project Dakota is an easy way to update a Windows XP PC using a CD. (Why did I discover this after I left my I.T. job??) The CD contains all the updates found on the Windows Update website, including SP2 as well as standalone programs like Adobe Reader, Spybot S&D, Firefox, Java, QuickTime, and more. The updates comes with a standalone installed that runs them in the correct order (i.e. first the pre-SP2 updates, then SP2, then the post-SP2 updates). Using a CD to install updates is much faster than having to wait for them to download. It's also handy if the computer you're building doesn't have an internet connection available. Or if, I don't know, you want your PC to be patched and secure before you go online. The Project Dakota download is 702 MB and is in an ISO format so you can burn it to a CD. (via gHacks)

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