Put a Digg Button on Your Blog With WLW

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Frank Arrigo recently revealed his trick for adding Digg buttons to the posts on his blog: he does it with Windows Live Writer. If you haven’t seen that option in your version of Windows Live Writer, that’s because the option is only available in the recently released Windows Live Writer Technical Preview. Essentially, this release is a beta app, so if you’re not one for trying out products before they go gold, then you’ll want to wait a bit. However, if that doesn’t phase you, I would definitely recommend that you check it out – I’ve been using it since its release and haven’t run into any issues yet. Besides, it comes with cool tools like that Digg button as well as a ton of other new features (see a full review here). There are even great plugins available that can take advantage of its new feature that lets plugins run after you hit publish – like this plugin to send out a tweet (a Twitter update) after posting.  To get your hands on the new Windows Live Writer, you can download it from here. The “Digg It” button will be available right from the “Insert” menu.

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