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You may have noticed (ahem...DellSuperbowl commercial) a new (RED) campaign going on. Microsoft is offering Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED edition. The (RED) edition is enhanced with (PRODUCT) RED wallpapers, gadgets, and a unique screen saver and DreamScene™. When you buy (RED) a portion of the profits goes directly to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa, and there’s no extra cost to you. However, some of you may already have a new PC, but want to show your support for the (RED) campaign anyway. You can find  some cool, fan-created, unofficial (RED)-inspired wallpapers online here. These were created back in 2007 - long before this current campaign launched. Although nowhere near as good as buying a (RED) PC, at least you are there in spirit! (P.S. You can switch Vista's built-in clock gadget to red, too! Just go into its options!) (via istartedsomething)

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