Remote Access from Your Phone

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At this year's DEMO conference, Rove Mobile Inc. introduced a a new mobile application that gives you remote access to their computers from your mobile phone: PCMobilizr. With a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device, you can see your PC screen and control the mouse and keyboard from anywhere you have an internet connection. The software application can be installed in minutes and you don't even need to know your PC's IP address to get going, you just connect using your username and password. The software will even work if you are behind a router or corporate firewall, assuming you have permissions to install application on your computer. PCMobilizr has 3 components: client software you install on your mobile device, an agent which is installed on the computer you want to access, and the PCMobilizr Service, which runs on the internet. The desktop PC agent maintains a persistent HTTPS connection to the PCMobilizr Service, waiting for a connection from your moible device. The connection from your phone to your PC is secure, encrypted with SSL. When you connect from your mobile phone, the PCMobilizr Service routes the connection to your PC. Once connected, you can work on your home computer using your phone's controls as if you were really there.

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