Reorganize the Position of IE8 Accelerators

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If you’ve been busy adding IE8 Accelerators to IE’s right-click menu, you may already be wondering if there’s an easy way to organize them to put your most frequently used ones at the top of the menu. As it turns out, there is. Thanks to this handy tip from Ian Moulster, this is how it’s done:


  1. Go to IE8’s “Tools” menu and choose “Manage Add-ons”
  2. Click on “Accelerator” in the left hand pane, then find the one you’re interested in moving. (Notice that it is currently shown as “enabled”. The choices here are “enabled” or “default”. Anything set as “default” will appear on the initial list of accelerators shown when you highlight text on a webpage and click the accelerator icon.)
  3. Highlight the accelerator you want and click “set as default”.

That’s it! Doing this will move the Accelerator from appearing further down in the menu and instead moves it up to the top where the other default Accelerators live.

Great tip - thanks, Ian!

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