ReportStorms: A Virtual Earth-Powered Weather Site

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Chris Pendleton reports that the web site Weather Central has just launched a new beta community site called This crowd-sourced weather watching community lets you report on the storms in your area by right-clicking on the map provided and entering in the storm info. On the “Report Event” pop-up, you can fill out the date, time, and what kind of event you’re reporting (wind, hail, tornado, flooding, etc.). You also have the option to upload photos or videos that you recorded of the storm. If you want to just see the best stuff people have uploaded, the box at the top right of the screen features quick links to storm reports, videos, and images.

Elsewhere on the ReportStorms site, registered users can share info and discuss weather-related news in the site’s forums. It’s citizen journalism for weather reporting and a social community all in one. Weather enthusiasts everywhere will love this one.  

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