Resume Video in Windows 7 Media Center

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Media Center MVP Mike Garcen recently pointed out a great feature in the new and improved Windows 7 Media Center application – video resume. According to Mike, in previous Media Center versions, you could stop the playback of Recorded TV and then later resume the shows where you left off, but regular videos didn’t have the same option. That discrepancy has now been fixed. You can resume the playback of any video (that is, non-DVR-MS or WTV) in Media Center – not just Recorded TV.

To see this feature in action, just add some videos (DivX, Avi, wmv, etc.) into your Windows Media Center Video Library and click on one of the files to start playing it automatically. Then click Stop. Now, go do something else  like play another track or even close Media Center entirely. When you return to Media Center and click to play that same video, you will be given the option to either restart or resume playback. How convenient!

This is one of those things that isn’t a huge announcement in and of itself, but just another minor enhancement that, when combined with slews of others like it, make for a better overall computing experience in Windows 7.

(Thanks Ian Dixon!)

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    What i do is watch my videos on the bus to and from work then when I get near my stop i close the lid on my laptop (Dell Mini 9). After i get home i open the lid and fire up my xbox 360 which is a extender for my laptop and then resume the video from where i left off on my big screen tv in the lounge. Very handy feature.

    Alan Burchill

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