Road Rage? No Need to Yell. Bump ‘Em.

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Have you ever been happily driving down the road, listening to your favourite tunes, only to have your karma shattered by a careless driver cutting you up or flashing you to get out of the way? If you’re anything like me, you’ll shout and scream or gesticulate wildly and for what reason? To them, you simply look like an irate silent movie star, creating hilarity rather than humility. Despair no more, as news reaches us from Mashable of a new social network called Bump which uses license plates to identify and connect users.

Sign up with your state and license plate (US only for now) and you’ll be able to message other drivers via voice-activated commands on your phone (a mobile web app is currently available), or a photo snapshot of the license plate (taken whilst your both stationary, obviously). Voice messages, emails and texts can be swapped between users, and in the future the plan is for roadside discounts to be on offer to eligible drivers based on your location. With links to Twitter, Facebook and even, Bump clearly believe their service will put an end to angry driving and spread peace and love amongst American drivers. That is, as long as they’re all registered with Bump.

If this all sounds a little far fetched, Mashable report that the startup has recently received $1 million in a first round of funding and are seeking up to $8 million in round two. Your concerns on privacy, one handed license-plate photography and texting whilst driving are noted. But scarier still, Road Rage just went multi-channel.

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