Roshamboom: A Silly Silverlight Game in Facebook

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The folks at Plexipixel have created a new Silverlight-based game for Facebook called Roshamboom. The game is inspired by David C. Lovelace’s extreme version of rock-paper-scissors which he released back in 2007 after spending a year working on its creation – and its 5000+ outcomes. (Wow, that sure beats Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock). In fact, this game involves 101 different gestures that include odd things like dragons and turnips. There are far too many for any (normal) person to memorize, which is exactly what makes this game a fun time waster.

After selecting your opponent, you can scroll through the various gestures, reading up on what beats what along the way. When you’re ready to throw down, you can type in a shout to your friend then start the challenge.

To play the game, you can add the Roshamboom app to your profile here.

(via Barak’s Silverlight News & Analysis)

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