Save the Planet (and Your Cash) With Every Keystroke

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There’s always a little bit more we can do to help the environment, and it makes sense to do so – using renewable sources of energy not only saves the planet, but it saves a little money too. But did you know you could save energy with every single button press on your keyboard? Well, you can!

One condition – you’ll need to invest in Logitech’s new Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. As revealed by eHomeUpgrade, it’s a wireless keyboard (transmitting a RF signal at 2.4 GHz) made from PVC-free materials. Fortunately for those of us in rainer parts of the world, the K750’s photo voltaic cells can be powered up by any light source, so there’s no need to drag your desktop out into the garden for a little sunshine.

Once fully charged, the keyboard boasts up to 3 months of usage before you’ll need to switch a light on nearby to boost its battery. Want to track how much power your desk-lamp is providing the keyboard? The Logitech Solar App will let you know.

According to Logitech, the concave shape of the keys ensures faster, quieter typing, and hey, if even if it’s noisy, just think of the batteries you’ll save. Well worth checking out when you next replace your keyboard.



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The Discussion

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    I wonder how much waste people will create replacing their old keybords with this one...

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    I got one better idea.  Use the action of the downward keystroke with mini-generators that store power in a common battery. Settable resistence would allow more tactile feel and generate more power.  Imagine how much power we generate with everyone having one. Almost more then the Matrix.

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