Seesmic Shows Off New Silverlight Apps at MIX

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At this week’s MIX10 conference, Seesmic showed off their new Silverlight-powered Twitter applications, one a desktop app and the other a mobile app designed for Windows Phone 7 Series devices.

A prototype of the cross-platform desktop client, which is similar to the current "Seesmic for Windows" app was demoed at the conference on Monday. Unlike the native Windows app, the Silverlight version works on both Windows and Mac platforms, allowing you to access multiple Twitter accounts, your Facebook account and LinkedIn.

The company also announced the launch of their Seesmic Desktop Platform (SDP), which will allow developers to build features or integrate their services into Seesmic’s suite of clients. For example, a new Bing mapping control plugin allows you to track geo-location and integrates trackable links at, notes Seesmic on their company blog.

Seesmic for Windows Phone was announced at the conference, too. Like the desktop client, the mobile app will use Silverlight technology and will fully integrate Bing maps and its geo-location features for plotting tweets on a map.



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