Settling Down to a Movie? It Must Be Popcorn Hour!

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Is 2010 the year of the media streamer? Certainly the category has had more than its fair share of headlines this year, with the likes of the Boxee Box and others thrilling the tech community. One of the products that gets a lot of buzz amongst digital media enthusiasts is Popcorn Hour.

Their latest streamer, the A-210 is due for release next week, and I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a review unit a little ahead of time. Like other products in the range, the A-210 boasts an insane level of support for a heap of audio, video and photo file formats – throw what you like at it, and chances are it’ll gobble up the file and stream out your desired entertainment, no questions asked.

The really cool think about this new model is that it takes a look at your music and video files, and as long as you have a wired or wireless internet connection, the Popcorn Hour will go and hunt out cover artwork and other metadata for movies including cast and crew information, ratings, synopses and more.

It’s all displayed in a stunning new user interface which allows you to browse your media collection by cover, file or category – sweet! Dig down into the menu and you’ll find a host of online services supported, including SHOUTcast Radio, BBC Podcasts, Flickr, ABC News, CNN and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for a streamer during the holidays, make sure you check out the new Popcorn Hour alongside other streamers.


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    Interesting.  But as far as I can tell, it won't playback Media Center TV recordings, it won't act like a Media Center Extender, it isn't able to access Zune MarketPlace to stream content and I have a feeling that the apps for this won't support support Silverlight/Silverlight streaming.  Other than Media Connect, there really isn't much of any Microsoft platform or service support here.  One nice thing is that Popcorn has its own app store.

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    I have a Popcorn Hour myself. An older model. Still, very satisfied with it.

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