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There’s a new Facebook application called “MySynths” which lets you publish your Photosynths directly to your Facebook page. To use this app, you first locate the synth you want to publish, then you complete the form that displays filling in the title, description, and URL for the synth. The URL you need can be found either on the synth’s page itself over on or it can be pulled from the EMBED tag instead. If you know where the synth’s photos were taken, you can add in this location information too. (That shouldn’t be too hard if the synths are your own!) When you click the “Add Synth” button, the synth is published to your News Feed for all your friends to admire. Actually, what’s published is a thumbnail image of the synth which, when clicked, takes you over to a Facebook page which has the synth embedded right in it.

To try MySynths yourself, add the Facebook app here

(via Bing Community Blogs)

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