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Although the social web aggregation service FriendFeed doesn’t specifically include Windows Live Shared Favorites in its list of supported services, it does however support RSS feeds. With that option, you can share almost anything from the social web thanks to the ubiquity of RSS. By using the RSS option, you can easily share your Windows Live’s Shared Favorites, the new bookmarking service that allows you save and share favorite web sites with your Windows Live network.

Jamie Thompson has posted the instructions on how to do so (see the post for screenshots and more details):

  1. You need to make your Shared Favorites publicly available by visiting and logging in with your Windows Live ID
  2. Click on “My network” to be taken to a page entitled “Permissions for Shared Favorites”
  3. Click on “Edit permissions” to be taken to the following screen where you should check the check box to share with “Everyone (public)”
  4. You’ll be returned to your Shared Favorites folder and you can get to RSS feed for the folder by selecting “RSS feed” from the “More” menu.
  5. Once that is all done just copy and paste the URL for the RSS feed into FriendFeed.

I have to agree with Jamie, though – I’d like to see FriendFeed offer direct support for this service. It is, after all, part of the social web. Hopefully they will consider adding it in the future.

That said, since the easiest way to share favorites is via the Windows Live Toolbar, I’d like to see Firefox supported via an add-on.

(image credit: Jamie Thompson)

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