Shuttle’s New All-in-One PC Arrives

The Discussion

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    The styling is perfect for a kitchen environment.  Although I think you'll probably also want to get a small usb wifi adapter.  This is something between a Digital Picture Frame and a full fledge Laptop.  What Microsoft needs to do with Windows 7....

    1. Make sure the Windows 7 Netbook version include Touch...there is some question as if that support will be there or not.
    2. Price Windows 7 Netbook accordingly to devices in this category.
    3. Finally....something we haven't seen from Microsoft in Windows 7 builds is a touchscreen dashboard.  Some of the benefits of Microsoft's Origami UI and HP's TouchSmart.  I think it will be critical to provide something like this.  Some may think Media Center is sufficient.  Unfortunately you can't write scribble/wallboard type apps for Media Center (at least that I'm aware).  Please Microsoft, assign a group to deliver this capability when Windows 7 can even be a Windows Live App that sync's to the cloud.  Wink

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