Silverlight 2: Get It Now

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You probably caught the news about the availability of the newest version of the Silverlight plugin: Silverlight2. Thanks to some high profile efforts, like the Microsoft-NBC partnership on the Olympics website for example, Silverlight is now installed on 1 in 4 of PCs worldwide.

If you haven’t already installed Silverlight on your PC, Microsoft and their partners will soon unveil a number of other websites which may compel you to do so. One of the new websites which will feature Silverlight is the CBS College Sports Network, which will stream 20,000 hours of live games for over 150 universities. AOL will also reveal their new AOL Mail browser (see image to left). That sleek new rich-internet app was teased at this year’s MIX08 conference, if you remember. In addition, Yahoo! Japan is now live streaming Major League Baseball games, Hard Rock International will update their memorabilia site with new features, and  other companies like Toyota, HSN, and others will be launching this week, too. In other words, 1 in 4 is just the beginning.

I have to admit the big selling point for me is that Silverlight actually works in the Firefox browser. Flash does not, which is irking me, too, Rafe.

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