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Tim Heuer recently released a new blog plugin for WordPress users: Silverlight for WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily place Silverlight content within a post. He decided to create this plugin, when, after searching the official WordPress directory, the only plugin he could find was one that was coded back in the Silverlight 2 beta days. Outside of the official directory, another person also had created a plugin, but again, it was also coded during the beta days. In other words, it was time for an update.

Using the officially listed plugin’s code as a base (and giving proper credit), Tim created a new and updated version of the plugin.

With this plugin installed, you can input into your post data the following:

1: [silverlight: <app>, <width>, <height>, <initParams>, <minVer>]


  • app is the URI to your Silverlight application (XAP)
  • width/height is obvious
  • initParams will map to the initParams of your application
  • minVer maps to the minRuntimeVersion required for your app

The only parameter required is <app> and all others are optional and have defaults which you can change via the plugin settings:


The plugin is now listed in the official WordPress plugins directory – just search for “Silverlight.”

The Discussion

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    Gerardo Ramos

    I have a blog on wordpress, and put silverlight applications was impossible.

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