SkyDrive Adds New Silverlight-Enabled Features

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The Windows Live SkyDrive team is putting Microsoft Silverlight to work on the cloud-based photo and file hosting service. Now using Silverlight, you can arrange your photos within your photo albums the way you want them just by dragging and dropping them into place. To access this new feature, click on “Sort by” and then “Arrange Photos.” This is especially handy for when you want to put a particular album in chronological order without have to edit the file names or dates to get it right.

Another update to SkyDrive involves keeping your favorites in sync between computers. Starting now, the next time you visit your favorites on Windows Live, they’ll all be automatically moved over to the SkyDrive service instead:

The third update isn’t out yet, but is said to be “coming soon,” but it looks to be pretty cool, too. It involves being able to see which photos your friends are tagged in by selecting “Photos of <your friend’s name>” from the menu under their profile picture. I hate teases, but the team says we’ll see this in a few days, so I guess that’s OK.


I twittered the other day about SkyDrive and was surprised that some people didn’t know that you could get free 25 GB of storage for files and photos with this great service accessible from any web browser. The only thing people really wanted was more Windows Explorer integration. Can this be done with a search connector in Windows 7? If you know the answer to that, leave a comment!

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    As far as I'm aware, it is not currently possible to search Live SkyDrive, Live Mesh and Office Live Workspace storage areas for files.  Although I imagine the Windows Live team knows how critical it will be as more people commit to storing 1000s of files.  Personally, I think there should be a Windows Live web search facility to search across all these storage/service properties + Window Live Essentials should configure Desktop Search as well.

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    I am looking to implement this same type of functionality. Any ideas of where I might find some code samples?

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    busco por todos lados ,innumerables paginas de instrucciones,pero no encuentro la razon porque no se instala silverligth-¿pueden decir porque es tan complicado este programa?-gracias jose

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