Skype Voice Changer

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The Skype Voice Changer is a new Coding4Fun application written by Mark Heath. With this software, you can change your how your voice sounds in a Skype conversation. For the silly voice effects, Mark recommends the pitch shifting setting called “SuperPitch” which lets you shift the pitch of your voice either up or down five semitones. Other effects like FlangeBaby or Chorus can be used for more subtle changes.

Once installed, changing your voice can be done on the fly by clicking on the plus button that appears at the top of your Skype window. Once you’ve done that, a pop-up appears where you can select from the available effects. The “delay” effect is especially annoying as you can see here in this video demo. The app comes with several effect built in, but you can also add your own.

For details on how Mark used Skype’s audio APIs to code the app, check out this blog post.  To download either the source code or application or both, just visit Codeplex.

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