Slide:ology Teaches You How To Create Great Presentations

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I had never heard of Nancy Duarte of Duarte, but I had seen her work. Via a recent interview published on Web Worker Daily, I discovered that her agency was the one that designed and produced Al Gore’s keynote presentation for the movie An Inconvenient Truth. No matter how you feel about global warming, you have to agree – that was an impressive slideshow. Although most of us will never have the opportunity to craft a slideshow of that magnitude, there is a lot we can learn from Nancy and her team at Duarte about the art of the presentation. In fact, Nancy will be releasing a new book on the subject called slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. But you don’t need to wait to read the book to start getting some of those great tips now – you can just subscribe to the slide:ology blog. Here, you’ll find posts like “Tips for Remote Presenters,” “A 30 Second Presentation,” among other, more personal articles. The blog is relatively new, so I look forward to what other insights may be in store for us.

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