Snow Leopard Less Secure than Windows?

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    "Miller is referring to a security hole called ASLR (address space layout randomization)"

    ASLR is a security feature in both Windows and Leopard/Snow Leopard. The hole is in Apple's implementation.


    -Bryant Zadegan


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    Mario Albertico Magana

    I think that the more Apple prides itself in its marketing about the whole, rather aging, "macs don't get viruses" standpoint, the bigger the hole it is digging itself into gets. More mac virus ads bring more official attention to the security debate, and when big names start to test the claims, and Apple continues to fall short of them, the reality should begin to trickle down to the masses. So there you go Apple, keep at it with those so-last-year "only PC's get viruses" ads.

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    Eddie Starr

    Awesome Story Sarah!  Can not wait to share this with my "Apple Fan Buddies"

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    Eat that apple fanboys!

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    Thanks Bryant. Poor wording on my part, I corrected.

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    It's always about "Kill the King". 


    Apple can sit back and be more relaxed because of Microsoft taking all the focus of attackers.  Then come the commercials as we've seen, which I believe that are now just defensive moves on Apple's part. 


    I'd like to see Apple take 90% market share for a few days and see how well their *awesome* *virus-free* operating system handles the attention.

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