So You Need a Typeface…

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Ask any business guru, and they probably won’t tell you that the secret to being a superstar in your organisation isn’t about how hard you work, the results you produce, or your ability to network. It’s all about the fonts you use in your documents.

Sure, anyone can write 50,000 words on the future economic prospects for the G10, but no-one’s going to read it if it’s written in Comic Sans, right? But with hundreds of thousands of fonts out there, how do you figure out which one to use? (My top tip: there’s never, ever a good time to break out Comic Sans. Even if you're writing a comic.)

Fortunately, Danish designer Julian Hansen has the answer. His work, So You Need A Typeface, guides you step by step through the selection of FontShop’s Top 50 typefaces, so you can be sure your font-appropriate in every situation. This is not mere guesswork either, the flowchart asks you a series of questions about you and your project to get you to the perfect font.

Some of my favourites:

You cried whilst watching Terminator? – OCR
Do people call you boring from time to time? – Times
How does relighting the American tradition sound? – Proforma
Is it for an Italian restaurant? – Bodoni

Next time your Word or PowerPoint document needs that little bit of extra pizazz, you’ll know where to look.


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