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To help members of the technical community bookmark useful pages and share them with others, both the MSDN and the TechNet teams recently released a preview of a new social bookmarking tool designed just for their sites. With this tool, you can browse, filter, tag, and manage your bookmarks in a way that’s very much like using the social sharing site or any other online bookmarking service. You can click to see what the most popular bookmarks have been over the past 7 days and you can filter the list of links to display the bookmarks that came from forums versus those that are just from regular web pages.

To get started using the social bookmarking service, you can visit any of these sites:

After signing into the service, you can use a browser bookmarklet like the one from TechNet available here to begin tagging and saving your links.

There’s also a crazy Silverlight-powered app called TICKER that offers a way to visualize the bookmarks that others are tagging via the social bookmarking system. The links float by on the screen, color-coded as to whether they originated from TechNet or MSDN. If you hover your mouse over the bookmark, it will pause and allow you to save it for yourself.


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