Soluto Launches Software that Decreases Boot, Improves Performance

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An application called Soluto (beta) just launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, where a number of new startups are now being revealed. This software aims to improve PC performance by analyzing a computer’s boot up process to uncover which installed applications may be slowing the computer down. According to the Soluto website, the software can cut down on PC boot time and improve on-going PC performance.

As TechCrunch explains, the app helps with performance by tracking what applications were running when your PC has a “hiccup” (a momentary lag in performance). And through its back-end, it tracks other users who have that same problem. If someone, somewhere in the world, makes a change that fixes the issue, Soluto tells the other users about the suggested fix. Crowd-sourced troubleshooting!

Another Soluto project, this one yet to launch, is called PCGenome. This piece of the puzzle would actually solve PC problems by not only identifying issues, but then automatically fixing them.

Those interested in testing the Soluto beta can sign up to do so now, but be forewarned. The label says “beta” which means this app could cause issues of its own. I’m heading off to download it now, so I can’t report on its stability just yet. But from the description, it sounds like a promising solution for both non-technical users and anyone else who wants to speed up their PC. 



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