Sony Reveals 3D Vaio Laptop

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Sony revealed its first 3D Vaio laptop at the recent IFA trade show. Although the laptop was only a prototype, a Sony rep told TechRadar that he expects the new laptop will arrive next year. So what makes it 3D? The laptop has a 16” screen that uses 3D technology similar to that found in Sony Bravia TVs, which inserts black frames in between color images to separate them. The notebook also uses the same “Active Shutter” glasses as those that are used with Bravia TVs. As for why you would need a 3D laptop, a couple of things immediately come to mind: PC gaming and watching 3D movies. The Sony laptop has a switch that turns the 3D on, since you obviously don’t need to see 3D all the time. Will consumers want 3D computers, though? Only time will tell, I guess. But I’m sure this year’s CES will see a lot more of them.

Image credit: We Got Served


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