Sony's New VAIO P Netbooks Sport a GPS and Compass

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I just finished reading the Engadget review of the new Sony VAIO P netbooks. These colorful, but pricey, devices may be more status symbol than notebook replacement, especially with their candy-coated shells and $800 price tag.  But they do have some decent features, at least according to the Engadget reviewer: the keyboard is comfortable to type on, still quite the accomplishment for sub-notebooks, and  they now include an accelerometer, which automatically rotates the screen allowing the netbook to function as an e-book reader.

However, I was surprised to find the review missed what sounds like the VAIO P’s standout features: a GPS and compass, something I only happened upon thanks to Steve Clayton's post about the mini-notebooks.

According to the press release, the VAIO P isn’t just the first Sony notebook to include the accelerometer, it’s the first to include the GPS and compass, too. Along with these hardware-based features is a complementary software program called “Location Search” that “offers a real-time map view without tying up your web browser,” reads the release. In this program, your map position and location are displayed along with points of interest and local weather conditions. That’s a pretty nice feature, too, I’d say. Hope it gets ported to the more grown-up VAIO line.

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