Surf The Web From Your PowerPoint

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I just saw this PowerPoint addin on MakeUseOf and it make me think about how many different PowerPoint tools I’ve seen lately: the Office LabspptPlex addin which makes PowerPoints deem-zoomable; the Cooliris plugin which takes your slideshows to 3D; the PowerPoint Remote Gadget that lets you control a slideshow from your phone; Freepath, which lets you mashup your slideshows with other web content; and, of course, Slideshare, the home for sharing PowerPoints with others on the web. 

This latest addin called LiveWeb doesn’t appear to be new exactly, but it was new to me. LiveWeb works with any version of PowerPoint from 97 on up to allow you to open a web browser within the presentation itself as opposed to launching an external application (like IE). Its browser can display the real web in PowerPoint including PDFs, java, and VRML. You can download LiveWeb for free from here.

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