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Surface DJ is a killer app for Microsoft Surface which lets techo-loving DJs - or even wannabe DJs - work together to create songs using a Mixer-type application. As the DJs move objects into a specific area of the Microsoft Surface screen, different sounds are played. Or maybe I shouldn’t say “sounds,” because sounds alone weren’t enough for this app’s creators. That’s why Vectorform, the company behind the app, added in musical loops, too. Of course, the app is designed to take advantage of the Surface computer’s multi-touch capabilities since it lets multiple DJs work together to build a musical creation at the same time.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video:


The Discussion

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    Where is 'this video'?
    I can't find link.

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    hey guy

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    John Ellis

    I got to play with this at FOWA London on Friday, it was the first time I have ever used a surface.... much more responsive than I had anticipated. Fun little app, it was surprising how almost ANY combination was a good result.... seemed fishy to me as I have zero musical talent.

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    Interesting...implement these features into Serato and you'll have a cool product.

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