SurfaceTwitter: A Multitouch Twitter Client for Microsoft Surface

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SurfaceTwitter is a new Twitter client designed to show off the capabilities of the WPF-based project type from the Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 Service Pack 1. With this app, the 25 most recent tweets are displayed on the screen in a “ScatterView,” which means they’re laid out every which way across the screen with some tweets lying on top of others. Each tweet is actually a movable and resizable object which can be dragged around the Surface desktop. Tweets that are @ replies to the logged-in user are colored blue for easy identification and you can reply to others using an on-screen keyboard. If a tweet has a TwitPic associated with it, the pic will be automatically displayed on the screen. As more tweets come in (the client auto-refreshes every minute), newer tweets are marked with a “star” icon to indicate their unread status.

In the comments of the blog post about this project, someone is already requesting a port of this app to Windows 7 to take advantage of the new OS’s multitouch capabilities. I have to agree – this would be a fun app to have…especially since most of us don’t have Surface computers in our home (well, yet!).

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