Sync Your Christmas Lights to Music with .NET

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I know you’ve seen the infamous YouTube video turned TV commercial featuring the house that has its Christmas lights synchronized to music or any one of its spinoffs. But did you know that you can use Microsoft’s Framework for .NET to do so? Apparently so. A recent post on NetworkWord pointed us to Microsoft's Coding4Fun Web site, where you can get the details on how to do just that.

They explain, “... you can make your lights do most anything in response to an event that happens on the web. You could signal home that you are running late, send the weather forecast to your Christmas tree or explore any number of communication options…If you just want to play with the .NET Micro Framework and get a feel for how easy it is to create software for tiny devices you don't actually need to use any extra hardware at all. The project comes with a complete emulation of the lights display so that you can run the whole thing on your computer and learn how hardware and software can be made to work together without burning your fingers with a soldering iron.”

The site details all the components you need – from hardware to software – in order to complete this project. There are links to where the items can be purchased and code samples to get you started. If love coding for fun, this is a great holiday coding project. We hope to see the results of the participants soon posted all over the web!

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