TDK Brings Back the Boombox

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No matter whether you called it a Boombox, Beatbox or Ghetto-Blaster, the 1980s    “portable stereo” was a true icon of the decade. Courtesy of the kind folks at TDK (who must have been racking their brains to figure out what to sell after blank cassettes died a death), it’s back!

The TDL Boombox is set to kick out the beats again in January, with cool retro styling hiding bang up to date technology. There’ll be two models on offer, sporting two or three speakers, the latter adding a large central sub-woofer to annoy the neighbours just that little bit more.

Those giant buttons of the past have been swapped for sleek, touch sensitive controls and a cool display but you’ll still find a hefty volume knob to crank up the tunes. Both models come with a fixed handle, whilst the smaller, two speaker blaster also has a leather shoulder strap, so no worries on portability.

No, there’s no tape deck. No, CDs are out too. But you will find USB, 3.5” mm and RCA jacks available to plug in your music player/phone du choix? There’s also a larger jack for hitching up a mic if you’re ready for an impromptu bout of human beatbox on the street.

Sadly there’s no network connection, so music streaming is out. Boo! What is this, the 1990s? To find out more, head over to Cool Hunting for the lowdown.


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