TVUPlayer Delivers Live TV To Your PC or Mobile Phone

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You don’t have to have a Media Center PC to have access to TV on your PC. In addition to web sites like Hulu and Joost, there are desktop programs like Livestation and AnyTV which can bring TV shows right to your Windows desktop. Recently, the How-to-Geek featured another application which does the same.  It's called TVUPlayer and it lets you watch channels from all over the world.

If you’re running XP or Vista and have Media Player 9 or later installed, you can access TV programming, including live channels, right from your PC. I was surprised to see that the big channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX were supported. But what’s even cooler is that there’s a mobile version of this app which works on Windows Mobile 5, 6, or 6.1 phones (they recommend the Samsung i780, HTC Diamond, HTC Touch Cruise, and ATT Tilt). There’s a video of the mobile version on YouTube if you want to see this software in action.

So, easy to use and free? Seems like this one might be worth checking out: download here: TVUPlayer For Windows

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