Tech Pros Rejoice - Sysinternals Live Launches

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Anyone who has ever worked in I.T. knows the name Mark Russinovich (and might even have a little alter set up in his honor). Thanks to his toolset dubbed Sysinternals, I.T. Pros and other tech enthusiasts have had access to a large number of utilities for managing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing Windows systems and applications. But like many I.T. tools, Sysinternals utilities were downloaded and run from the command-line. Well, not anymore! Now, a new service called Sysinternals Live has launched which allows you to run the commands from any internet-connected PC. The directory is simply a list of these tools as an HTML file. To use any tool, you can just click on the hyperlinked file name to run it or you can type in the UNC path  \\\tools\<toolname>. Those of you who understood what that means, you may now commence your happy dance. Everyone else, just smile and nod.

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