That’s the Power of (Storage) Love

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When Michael J Fox donned his Nike’s for the Back to the Future Trilogy, it gave us all an exciting glimpse of what life would be like in 2015 (as well as the past). For all of the jet powered skateboards and self-lacing sneakers on show, when it came to data storage, the vision was a little blurred. Okay, it was non-existent.

Why? Well, hard drives are a little dull, truth be told – but perhaps if this DeLorean “Back to the Future” hard drive had been on offer, who knows what plot twists would have ensued? That’s right, it’s a Seagate 500GB hard drive embedded into a detailed 1:18 stainless steel replica model of Marty and the Doc’s chosen method of time transportation. And it’s now included on my letter to Santa.

If you can’t find an actual DeLorean to race around in, then save yourself a whole heap of cash (and more than a few maintenance headaches, no doubt) and pick up the world’s coolest hard drive instead.

Or what, are you chicken?




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