The 30 Second Guide to Windows Phone 7 Handsets

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    Great round up, thanks.  My wife is getting an HTC HD7 on Thursday - I will post first impressions on my blog.

    My top tip when looking at these phones: Don't ignore the bundled software when making your decision -  I have played with some of the LG specific software and it is very good!

    And If you are a developer check my tips for successful submision to the WP7 marketplace:

    (I was lucky to get early access and was caught out by a lot of these myself, so please save yourself some time!)


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    Why is the most important (first) country (New Zealand) missing from your list of countries?

    Despite popular belief we are not part of Australia.

    We will be getting the HTC 7 Trophy from Vodafone NZ on the 21st (before any other countries 21st, aren't timezones great!)

    And then some time in November Telecom NZ will be releasing the LG Optimus 7Q

    That is all



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    HTC HD7 (Germany, Singapore, Spain, UK, US) will also be in France.
    Check this here:
    Available at Bouygues.

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    Jason Cartwright

    If your after the full list of Australian WP7 devices go to
    Unfortunately this post leaves a couple out.

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    I really don't see why every single WP7 device model cannot go to every country as long as they are on different providers. All current nine handsets should be available in the US, perhaps 5 of them on AT&T and 4 on T-Mobile and so on in every other country so users can get some level of maximum list of choices.
    In any case, these are the two I wan to to see; and
    ...I prefer the first one because it has an aluminium chassis, I just hope the display on both are as big as the HD7. Both devices are rumored to be made by ASUS for Microsoft as Microsoft-branded WP7 devices perhaps for release early next year. I can't wait since my current phone is an older WinMo6.1 even though my contract ended with AT&T in May.
    One advise I will give to Microsoft is to make sure all micro-usb ports on their devices should be located in the same exact spot so they can also deliver other accesories such as the iHome and things one can easily sit the devices into for interaction.

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