The Archivist Gets an Update

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The Archivist, the Twitter data-mining application we covered earlier here, lets you archive and search Twitter updates for any given keyword search or hashtag. This is an especially helpful app since Twitter themselves only archive tweets for around a month or so, making comprehensive searches downright impossible.

Now, there’s a new version of the The Archivist application available which fixes a couple of bugs and introduces new features. First, the new app will update every 5 minutes instead of every 10, which makes it more useful for tracking trending topics. It will also now minimize to the system tray which lets you get it out of your way for when you want to leave it running for a long time. And finally, there’s a new data visualization feature included which calculates the most common “tweeters” on any given Twitter search. (See image)

If you haven’t already tried The Archivist, you can install it from here. If you’re already using the app, you’ll just be prompted to update upon the next launch.

The Discussion

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    Eddie Starr

    Interesting Data Mining App,, wish it has the capability to have more custom queries.

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    Karsten Januszewski

    Hi Eddie -- Yes, wish we supported more queries in the app but we don't (yet).  But, that's why we save the data as xml and export to excel, so you can party on the data in other tools.

    Just curious, what would be your top three queries you'd like to see in the app?

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