The Dell Dock Now Available For Download

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Oh sweet! I just installed the Dell Dock on my PC. You may remember hearing a while ago about how Dell was pre-installing their own custom app launcher on their Studio Laptops. However, back then there didn’t appear to be any way to get access to their proprietary software short of actually buying a PC with the Dell Dock installed. That doesn’t appear to the case any longer.

I’ve been monitoring this thread on Dell’s IdeaStorm site, patiently waiting for someone to post the links I was too lazy…err…busy…to locate myself. Sure enough, a few days ago a user posted links to two different versions of the Dell Dock application:

“Download both and install. One of them will work for you,” he says. Since I have an Inspiron 1520, it was no problem to install the executable, which is packaged just like any other Dell driver. (No idea if it will run on any other PC brands…let me know). A few minutes later, my Dell Dock was up and running.

Although I had been using RocketDock before, I prefer how the Dell Dock lets you group several different applications under one heading (menu icon). For example, under the “Office” icon there are icons for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can customize the dock by adding your own apps either to the dock itself or under one of the main headings. And when you move an app onto the dock, the software asks you if you want to leave the shortcut on the desktop or remove it. You can also customize the dock’s location, behavior (like the auto-hide setting, for example), and even its color.

If you like using docks for desktop organization, this one isn’t too bad. I just might have to keep it.


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    I have a gateway laptop and when i tried to install it i got the message that you must be on a dell computer.  So no luck unless you have a dell to put it on.

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    hey this is fake it broke my pc!!

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