The Easy Way to Pin Down IE9 Jump Lists

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    Dragging Tabs to the Taskbar only works if you leave your taskbar on the bottom of the screen. 

    In our organization most users put the taskbar on the side of the screen, as this wastes less pixels on a widescreen display.. 

    Surprised a bug this big made it all the way to a beta/preview release, as surely someone at Microsoft puts the taskbar on the side of the screen.

    *You can still right click and drag the shortcut icon to the taskbar.

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    first up... i just love the whole new site design (back after some time)

    second... ie9 rocks!

    third... finally to the point about this post. so im an active deviantart user and im also active on several sites which have not yet optimized their source to be enabled for pinning tabs.

    so what i want to do is save the source of homepage on my computer and then add the meta tags to create a jump list for myself. while that part went fine... i suddenly came to a point where i couldnt pin the tab to the taskbar. sigh.. need help please Smiley thanks

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    Augusto Maduro.

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