The Easy Way to Pin Down IE9 Jump Lists

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By now you’ll have probably heard that Internet Explorer 9 Beta has been released. As reported by PC World, it’s been a popular download with over 2 million installs in the first 48 hours.  IE9 comes witha host of speed and feature enhancements that users and developers alike will love. One of my favourites however is the ability to drag and drop browser tabs into the Windows 7 taskbar to create shortcuts to my favourite sites.

Web designers and developers can customise how their site looks when dragged to the taskbar, including the icon used, custom colours to be used for IE9’s forward and back button, and coolest of all, your own jump list with links to various areas of your site, which appears when the user right clicks on the taskbar icon.

It’s easy to configure IE9 customisation settings for your site by inserting a few lines of code in your header. For example, here’s the code used here at Channel 9 to configure the taskbar icon and jump list links:

<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Coffeehouse;action-uri=/forums/coffeehouse;icon-uri=/styles/images/favicon.ico"/>
<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Browse All Content;action-uri=/Browse;icon-uri=/styles/images/favicon.ico"/>
<meta name="msapplication-task" content="name=Shows;action-uri=/Browse/Shows;icon-uri=/styles/images/favicon.ico"/>
<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/" href="/styles/images/favicon.ico"/>

For more on IE9’s customisation options, check out MSDN. If you’re running a Wordpress site and you’re feeling a little lazy (I’ve got my hand up here), a new plugin is available which makes life even easier.IE9 Pinned Site allows you to configure IE9’s customisation settings in Wordpress’ admin area, and will slot in the code for you.

Pinned Sites is just one of a swathe of new features available in IE9 – whether you’re a browser, writer, site admin or developer, make sure you check it out.


The Discussion

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    Dragging Tabs to the Taskbar only works if you leave your taskbar on the bottom of the screen. 

    In our organization most users put the taskbar on the side of the screen, as this wastes less pixels on a widescreen display.. 

    Surprised a bug this big made it all the way to a beta/preview release, as surely someone at Microsoft puts the taskbar on the side of the screen.

    *You can still right click and drag the shortcut icon to the taskbar.

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    first up... i just love the whole new site design (back after some time)

    second... ie9 rocks!

    third... finally to the point about this post. so im an active deviantart user and im also active on several sites which have not yet optimized their source to be enabled for pinning tabs.

    so what i want to do is save the source of homepage on my computer and then add the meta tags to create a jump list for myself. while that part went fine... i suddenly came to a point where i couldnt pin the tab to the taskbar. sigh.. need help please Smiley thanks

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