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The HP Slate 500 Looks Ready for Business

It’s been a while coming, but following numerous debuts, previews, leaks and rumours this year, HP have finally unveiled the Slate 500, a Windows 7-powered touchscreen tablet.

First seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, HP are now targeting the 8.9” (22.6 cm) device at retail, healthcare, insurance, education and hospitality businesses. It ships with a pen for note taking, document creation and other ink applications.

HP have packed a lot of kit into such a small and light chassis, which weighs just 1.5 pounds (0.68 kilos). The Slate 500 is powered by an Intel Atom Z540 running at 1.86GHz and supported by 2GB RAM on board and Intel’s integrated GMA 500 graphics. Broadcom’s Crystal HD video accelerator supports for 1080p video playback. Two cameras are included – a VGA webcam at the front, and the 3MP camera on the rear. You’ll also find a USB port and SD card slot for moving data around, or you can fire it over the air courtesy of the integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.Check out the awesome coverage by the guys at Gotta Be Mobile for full specs, videos and a brief hands-on review.

HP are shipping the $799 Slate 500 in the USA only for now, whilst they evaluate opportunities for other markets. The tablet is back! But did it ever go away?



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  • Jon DavisJon Davis

    *click* *click* .. aaand .. *click* .. purchased.
    Now I am an owner of both an ExoPC and an HP Slate. Great. Best one I'll keep, the other .. well, too bad eBay takes so much $$ in fees but then maybe I'll find a local buyer on a mailing list or on craigslist.

  • I'll probably get one of these. The combination of multitouch and wacom digitizer is a potent combination.
  • I love the form factor and HDMI docking station but for that price you can get a HP TM2t on HP's site for only $30 more.  The biggest downside is that this hardware won't support IE9 accelleration.  Doesn't matter much because I buy consumer devices for all my needs.  Its a real shame that HP won't be releasing a consumer slate based on Windows 7.

  • sumanthsumanth

    Is the windows 7 version installed in the slate the same as the desktop version? Does this allow installation of wpf 4 and silverlight 4 OOB apps in it??

  • Is the windows 7 version installed in the slate the same as the desktop version? Does this allow installation of wpf 4 and silverlight 4 OOB apps in it??

    Yes, desktop version.  Yes to WPF and OOB SL4 apps. 

  • kabakakabaka

    I live in canada, and returned my ipad in june in anticipation of the slate. i have waited impetiently ever since. i cant order to canada using theUS on line form as it does not provide Canadian Provinces and zip code. how can i get hold of one?

  • SeanSean

    @USArcher: Yea because, you know, you can't buy a product becuase its labelled as a 'business' device rather than a consumer device.  Are you retarded?  If you want one buy one, who cares if its consumer or business...

  • SeanSean

    Furthermore the definition of consumer is anyone who buys a product, therefor your non-sensical distinction between consumer and business products is just that.  If someone buys the product, business or person that entity is a consumer.

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