The Kid-Friendly Guide to Kinect

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Dropping into my post box this morning were my first two Kinect games (other than Kinect Adventures, of course, which comes free with the Kinect Controller). As soon as I’m finished with work today, the family and I will be learning how to “be the controller”. Can’t wait!

Unfortunately, whilst our six month old son loves to watch the screen during a gaming session, he’s a little young to join in the fun. That got me thinking – is there a minimum age for Kinect? A quick search produced a great guide for using Kinect with your kids from MSNBC.

According to the guide, the recommended minimum height for Kinect is 40 inches (roughly four and a half years upwards) due to difficulties tracking multiple people of differing heights. If you mount the sensor above the TV (up to 6 feet if possible), Kinect has an easier job tracking players as it’s looking down on the play area, rather than across.

If you want to optimise your living room for the best experience with Kinect, the guide has a swathe of hints and tips for creating the perfect setup. Make sure you check it out. 


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