The New Sony Vaio P

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Introduced at this year’s CES, the Sony Vaio P is a new, incredibly small netbook. The 1.4-pound computer has an 8-inch screen with a screen resolution of 1600x768. To achieve its diminutive size, the keyboard pretty much extends to the edges of the notebook – with no extra room on the sides. Even the mouse buttons have been reduced in size and there is no touchpad. Instead, a trackpoint-style point is used to navigate.

Despite its small size, several gadget reviewers said the keyboard was OK – once you got used to it. Apparently, there is a bit of an adjustment period at first, though. Still, ComputerWorld gave the overall form factor rave reviews, saying that it was “near-perfect.”

The netbook comes with integrated Verizon EV-Do service and can fetch GPS data even without an internet connection.

CES 011

Although the netbook was running Vista when Engadget first reviewed it, they later put Windows 7 on it to see how it fared. Not surprisingly, the new OS was a big improvement. After the 7 install, the computer booted faster, was more responsive, and even browsed the internet faster.

The only downside to the new netbook is the price. If you followed my CES coverage on social media, you’ll know I called it out as “crazy expensive.” How crazy? According to the company, the netbook will start at $900. But if you upgrade the RAM and the flash-storage, the price will go even higher – possibly costing more than a full-sized laptop computer. Considering the economy at the moment, this luxury netbook will be a hard sell to those watching their pennies.

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